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Ruby Zoisite Pendant Copper Wire Wrapped & antiqued

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Product Description

This Ruby Zoisite pendant has been wrapped with copper to amplify it’s qualities & antiqued. Placed on adjustable brown leather. Ruby Zoisite can strengthen the link between your heart & brain. In our lives what the heart wants is actually something that the mind may ignore. With Ruby Zoisite aiding you, they’ll find a way to work together & can produce astonishing results. Ruby Zoisite is strong in spiritual nature, which may aid your spiritual journey & can also give you access to your soul memory. It can also be a powerful tool to those who want to reawaken their spirituality. Ruby Zoisite has strong life force energies, which make it an effective stone for the purpose of healing, bringing the wearer of this crystal happy & positive feelings, which may fight emotional diseases like depression. A crystal of growth & vitality, in terms of wealth, it is a very lucky crystal to possess. It’ll attract energies of abundance & prosperity, & can aid in realising your dreams sooner. Ruby Zoisite is a heart-based crystal & may foster positive feelings in love life. It can amplify passion, security, satisfaction & happiness & dispell feelings of bitterness, insecurity, resentment, & jealousy. Ruby zoisite is recommended when you are on a spiritual journey as when feminine & masculine energies are harmoniously working you’ll be able to see what the road ahead of you will look like. Each piece may differ slightly as they are hand made and unique. If you like a weave or pattern on another piece and wish to have it on this stone, please contact for custom creation.

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