Anubian Life Crystal Creations


Anubian Life has quite a variety of products available to purchase as well as custom made to order pieces,

When choosing crystal made products, our intuition draws us to them unaware at times of what apart from the beauty of the piece may be drawing us to it, unaware of the spiritual properties of the piece.


Many are told to sage or smudge their houses yet might not know why this practice is done or how to do it or other options to do so.

What is Tarot? What are Tarot Mats? Crystal Grids? what is the purpose of a Crystal Wand?


Anubian Life endeavours to help guide you with these and many more, as with everything we do, this will be a work in progress and over time will have all your curious and spiritually hungry mind fed with knowledge on crystal properties, cleansing, ritual tools and much more.


We also will have our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS), Shipping and Payment information under the Information menu.


So make sure you check back on this page and menu options more frequently and keep an eye out for our blogs!