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Citrine Broomstick Inspired Copper Wrapped Pendant

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Product Description

This Citrine Broomstick Inspired Pendant has been handcrafted, wrapped in copper to amplify it’s qualities & antiqued. Citrine is has a comforting energy that enhances personal will power-driven by the power of the sun. It is used for revitalisation, creativity, hope, & dreams. It promotes living a full life, new beginnings, the pursuit of your dreams, free-thinking, happiness, joy, wisdom, & intelligence.   Citrine crystal is used for its ability to absorb negative energy from a person & the surrounding area. In order to make the most of it, you should cleanse it from time to time. Wearing citrine is beneficial for improving relationships, removing negative energy & negative feelings, prosperity, wealth & abundance in general.  Each piece may differ slightly as they are hand made and unique. If you like a weave or pattern on another piece and wish to have it on this stone, please contact for custom creation.