Anubian Life Crystal Creations

Amethyst Organite 60mm

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Product Description

This Amethyst Orgonite has powerful healing & purification powers. It relieves stress, soothes irritability, balances moods & helps to dispel anger, fear & anxiety. Amethyst can help sooth anyone grieving or experiencing sadness. Amethyst is wonderful for meditation, as it assists in entering a meditative state. It's also wonderful for intuitive work, as it stimulates the Third Eye brings spiritual protection. Amethyst enables you to surrender to the Divine & enhances psychic abilities. For the physical body, Amethyst it brings clarity of mind & helps support through addiction recovery. It is also useful to help heal & overcome many ailments & injuries, helps cleanse the blood & strengthen the immune system. Purification. Uplifting. Protection. Meditation. Healing of Body, Mind and Spirit. Spiritual Awareness. Balance. Intuition.