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Located in the Illawarra. We are creators of handmade jewellery, wands, healing tools, tarot cloths, decor & a range of other products. We also provide a range of carefully selected items of a spiritual/alternative nature.

Many locals have already come to know us, Rick & Tash in our store which was located in Port Kembla. We have moved to an online only presence which gives us the freedom to create, the next step in our journey, & our beautiful customers the convenience of purchasing our creations anytime.


We are continuously creating unique and interesting pieces intuitively from the gifts that mother earth gives us to aid you with your healing and spiritual journey of growth.


If there is a particular crystal or combination of crystals you wish to have within your jewellery , wand or other healing tool, please contact us to discuss and order a custom creation, we are able to utilize your own crystals that you connect with currently and rebirth it into the healing tool or jewellery you desire.


Our online store is open 24/7 for your convenience. FREE local pickup/delivery is also available.

We are here to show you the light in the darkness & help you reach your full potential by aiding you on your life’s journey with our spiritual wares.


Rick & Tash

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